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Bylaws of the Granby Bow and Gun Club, Inc. 1947
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The name by which the club shall be known as is “Granby Bow and Gun Club, Inc.” hereinafter
referred to as the “club”.


Granby Bow and Gun Club, Inc. is a sportsmen’s club promoting the recreational appreciation of
wildlife, education and sports of archery and firearm shooting through classes, competitions, and
other related activities while educating members and outside persons as allowed.
The objectives of the club shall be:
● The moral, physical, intellectual, and social advancement of its members through education,
instruction, and community interactions
● participation in, and promotion of, the sports of archery and firearm shooting within the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, while encouraging traditional values and skills
● the aiding and securing of legislation helpful to these interests.
● providing for its members suitable rooms, accommodations, and places for wholesome
recreation, appreciation of wildlife, and sports
● acquisition by purchase or otherwise of real estate and other property with the right to sell,
convey, mortgage, buy, lease, assign and transfer real estate incidental to the primary
objects and purposes stated herein.
To these ends, the club, proposes to conduct meetings; to cooperate with other organizations
interested in archery and firearm shooting; to promote high professional standards in the use of
archery equipment and firearms of all types as allowed, and in general, to carry on activities in
connection with any of the forgoing purposes; to have and exercise all of the purposes and powers
conferred upon nonprofit Corporations under Chapter 180 of the General Laws of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts...”. (501 (4c)


Section 1. Classes of Membership
The club shall have at least the three following classes of membership, each with qualifications,
privileges and voting rights as specified in the Bylaws and Policies of the Club.
● Individual Members. Any person who subscribes to the objectives of the club may become a
member by payments of the subscribed dues. The duration of membership is one year. All
individual members have equal rights, including voting rights.
● Family Members. Multiple individuals of the same family residing in the same household
that enroll under one family membership. The primary guardians/holders of the
membership have equal rights, including voting rights; however, the children (<18 years of
age) do not hold voting rights.
● Discounted Members. Similar in status and voting rights to Individual Members, these
members are entitled to a 10% discount on membership fees if they are Military, Veterans,
Law Enforcement, and/or First Responders. Documentation supporting this classification
must be shared and approved. Examples could be a current license or DD214.

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Section 2. Definitions
Hereinafter in these Bylaws and in the Policies the term "member" shall mean members in good
standing. The term "year" shall mean a one-year period from the members date of enrollment in
the club.


Section 1. Composition
The club shall be governed by a Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as the BOD) composed of
the President, Treasurer, Executive Secretary, and all Vice Presidents. The number of members
elected to serve on the BOD shall be determined by the BOD based on club administration
Section 2. Authority and Duties
• The BOD shall be the chief legislative, policymaking, judicial and review body of the club. It
shall have preemptive authority in matters over all officers, members, applicants,
committees, and other bodies created by the club.
• The BOD shall establish policies, objectives, and programs for the club and shall authorize
their implementation by means of suitable budgets, resolutions, authority for contracts and
expenditures; by creating and staffing positions and committees; by approving
appointments; through amendments to the Policies; and by such other actions as it may
deem necessary.
• The BOD shall review the way the officers of the Club carry out their respective duties. It
shall fill vacancies in the BOD in accordance with the need and manner specified in the
Bylaws and Policies. It shall also be responsible for interpreting and implementing the
Bylaws and Policies of the Club as well as preparing new Bylaws and Policies for
consideration by the membership.
Section 3. Removal
Any member of the BOD, including officers, may be removed from office with or without cause by a
vote of two-thirds of the members of the BOD then in office.

Section 1. Title and Authority
The officers of the club shall be a President; Treasurer; one or more Vice-Presidents, as specified by
the BOD; and an Executive Secretary. The responsibility of individual officers, except as prescribed
by the Bylaws and Policies of the Corporation, shall be established by actions of the BOD. Only
members of the club in good standing may be nominated or hold office.
Section 2. Duties
● President. The President shall be the legal chief executive officer of the club, performing all
duties required by the Bylaws and Policies as well as any additional duties specified by the
BOD. The President shall preside at all meetings of the BOD, sign contracts, preside over the
legal matters, and assist in all matters that concern the running of the club including
purchasing of lands, equipment or obtaining legal counsel as necessary.

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● Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all of the club’s financial matters.
● Executive Secretary. The Executive Secretary shall preside over the club’s documentation,
public relations, and administratively support the office of the President.
● Vice-Presidents. The Vice-Presidents shall plan and administer the affairs of the club within
the areas specific to their departments.
Section 3. Tenure of Service
The term of officers is specified in the Bylaws under Bylaw VI. Election. Officers shall serve until
notified by the Executive Secretary that their successors have taken office.
Section 4. Precedence
The order of precedence shall be President, Treasurer, and Executive Secretary. Further hierarchy
shall be determined by the BOD.


Section 1. Term of Office
Officers shall serve a 3-year term. The terms of officers shall be staggered to prevent simultaneous
expiration of the BOD.
Section 2. Period of Occurrence
Elections for Officers shall be held on an annual basis.
Section 3. Nomination Process
Nominations shall be presented by a Nomination Committee, chaired and controlled by the
Executive Secretary, to the BOD by March 1

st of each year. The BOD will approve the proposed
candidates by 2/3 majority vote. The proposed nomination list should be a diverse set of candidates
that represent all faucets of the club. Upon approval of the slate, the Executive Secretary shall notify
the club of the candidate list via email, website, or other communicative means deemed
appropriate by April 1st

Section 4. Formal Election – Unchallenged Candidates
Unchallenged candidates will be assumed elected.
Section 5. Formal Election – Challenged Candidates
Any members who wish to challenge the slate of candidates communicated for office shall submit
their name along with 10 supporting member signatures by April 1st of the year of election. In the
event member nomination(s) are received, the Executive Secretary will send ballots by May 1st to be
returned and tabulated by June 1st of the election year. By the end of July, the Executive Secretary
will announce the winners of the election.


Section 1: Committee Classes

Revision: ____ Date: _________________

There shall be two classes of committees: 1) Standing Committees and2) Ad-Hoc Committees as
deemed necessary by BOD.
Section 2: Standing Committees
Standing Committees are as defined within the Bylaws as follows:
• Safety Committee: Tasked with constantly evaluating the safety of the members of the club,
both behavioral and environmental based.
• Nomination Committee: Tasked with identifying, evaluating, and proposing officers in
accordance with Bylaw VI. Election, Section 3: Nomination Process
• Finance Committee: Tasked with pulling annual budget, financing, and membership pricing.
Section 3: Ad-Hoc Committees
Ad-Hoc Committees are organized and established by President to address relevant issues as they
Section 4: Sub-committees
Any officer wishing assistance in carrying out prescribed duties may appoint sub-committees,
provided that the term of said committee falls within the officer's own term of office and does not
infringe unduly upon the authority of a Standing Committee or an officer of the club.
Section 5: General Committee Conduct
All committees shall conduct their business in accordance with such standing rules as the BOD may
adopt for their guidance.

BYLAW VIII. General Business Meetings

Section 1. Scope
To conduct nominations/elections, report on status of the club for all related matters, and to
provide a forum to solicit member feedback.
Section 2. Frequency
Shall be held at least twice per year with enough advance notice to alleviate ambiguity and
Section 3. Attendance Format
Meetings will be held in-person and/or electronic format.
Section 4. Conduct
Meetings will be moderated in a similar manner as identified in Robert’s Rules of Order by an
identified Board Member.

BYLAW IX. Board of Director Meetings

Revision: ____ Date: _________________

Section 1. Scope

To allow a presentation of updates around respective board member, committee, and sub-
committee activities.

Section 2. Frequency
Shall meet regularly at schedule defined by the President.
Section 3. Attendance Format
Meetings will be held in-person and/or electronic format.


Section 1. Addition, Amendment, and Removal of Bylaws
No article shall be added to these Bylaws and no part shall be amended or annulled, except by
formal written proposal.
Section 2. Proposal

A formal written proposal by a general member must be supported and signed by at least twenty-
five or ten percent of the members of the club, whichever is smaller.

A formal written proposal by a Board Member, must be supported and signed by at least 2/3 of the
Board of Directors.
Section 3. Notification and Notice for Discussion
The Executive Secretary shall post a copy of any proposed changes to the Bylaws on all the club’s
electronic outlets, and in paper form in the club house, not less than one month before a general
business meeting.
Section 4. Discussion and Potential Amendments
The President will facilitate a discussion of any proposed changes during this meeting. Amendments
to the proposed bylaw changes can presented at this time.
If an amendment is proposed, there will be a vote to either:
• Table the amendment if it is not fully supported, determined by 2/3 majority vote of those
present. Tabled amendments must revert to Section 2. Proposal.
• Accept the amendment if fully supported by the originator.
Section 5. Voting
Provided that there are no amendments, or the amendments are accepted at the general business
meeting, voting on the bylaw shall follow suit. Acceptance of the change shall be determined by 2/3
majority vote of the present members.
Section 6. Notification

Revision: ____ Date: _________________

The Executive Secretary shall announce the results of the vote at the meeting and communicate
said results via email and the club’s electronic presence.
Section 7. Documentation
The Vice President at Large will update bylaw documentation in all formats.


Section 1. Scope
Policies are general rules on the daily operation of the club.
Section 2. Proposal
A formal written proposal by a general member must be supported and signed by at least ten
members of the club.
A formal written proposal by a Board Member requires no supporting signatures.
Section 3. Voting
Acceptance of the policy shall be determined by 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors.
Section 4. Notification
The Executive Secretary shall communicate policy changes via email and the club’s electronic
Section 5. Documentation
The Vice President at Large will update policy documentation in all formats.

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